MAP Rights Forum is now open for signups!

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MAP Rights Forum is now open for signups!

Post by Mikayla »

We are now launching the site, and will shift our focus to trying to recruit MAPs and allies we think may be interested in our activism community and goals. If you haven't joined already, now is the perfect time! If you know someone that may be interested, feel free to tell them about us. Do not hand out any invite codes in public, only staff are allowed to do that, but you can send it privately to your friends you trust, or tell them to signup using our email. Let's build a vibrant and thriving activism community together, and fight for MAP rights we all agree on and deserve!

And look how beautiful our site has become. The banner was installed yesterday!
beautiful-new-banner-2.png (339.79 KiB) Viewed 4554 times
Let's make this forum and our activism be a success, and let's change the world together!
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Post by KatieCruz »

Wow. Whoever made that banner did a great job. 😏😉
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