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Welcome to MAP Rights Forum

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Welcome to MAP Rights Forum!

MAP Rights Forum is an activism forum for minor/youth attracted persons and allies. Our aspiration is to bring together both anti-c and pro-c MAPs, to fight for MAP rights we all can get behind regardless of our contact stances. We believe that together, we can be more aligned in our message and actions, and accomplish so much more. Here we will not fight between contact stances, but fight together for the rights we all deserve. And by working together we hope to avoid any outward-facing language about MAPs that are stigmatizing to those of the other contact stance, and to just talk about our love, and our desire to be accepted in society for who we are.

We are not doing any contact specific activism here, but you are of course welcome to keep doing contact specific activism besides your involvement here.

To sign up, you need an invitation code. If you heard about this site from any of us staff here, you probably already got the code, since we try to post it together with the link to the site. If that is the case, you can just go ahead and sign up. The invitation code is the verification, you don't need any email or other verification to signup. If you do not have the invitation code, send an email to [email protected], and explain why you want to join, and we will give you the invitation code. The dots ... in the email address is to fool spam bots, you know what it should say, just look in the address bar of this site. Once you have signed up for an account, please make an introduction post on the Introductions board.

Whether you are just interested in MAP activism but not yet doing anything on your own, or you are public and out doing a lot, we hope you will find a place in our community. We hope we all can learn from each others experiences and perspectives, and become better and more organized in the MAP activism we do. If this sounds interesting, don't hesitate, reach out and ask to join! Just remember to read the community rules before joining.
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