2023-12-20 Forum Updates

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2023-12-20 Forum Updates

Post by KatieCruz »

Hey MRF Members,

We've made some updates to the forum over the last few hours. Some updates are cosmetic, while a few are under the hood.
  • Dark Mode - There's a little toggle switch next to your name and user control panel to invert the CSS color code. This is a stopgap solution, as we plan to have dedicated light and dark themes.
  • Posts you are currently typing will be cached to your local device, so if the browser or site crashes, the text should come back when you reopen that page. This may not work if you have JavaScript turned off.
  • External links are parsed with security attributes to limit inter-site tracking, and to open in a separate tab.
  • Internal links with no description will parse to show the title of the thread.
  • Replaced default smilies with versions that work in both light and dark mode. These might not show up right away until you clear your cache.
  • Added identity flags and MAP symbols to the smilies.
  • Favicon installed. This might not show up until you clear your cache.
More updates are planned.

Happy Holidays from the MRF Team

Enjoy. :mapflag:
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