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Please read the below terms and security information before signing up, for your own and everyones safety. It is rather short.

By signing up for an account and using MAP Rights Forum (hereafter "we", "us", "the forum", "the site"), you accept to be bound by these terms. These terms may change in the future, and we will inform about this on the forum. If you do not accept the new terms, you must stop using the site, and you have the right to request your account deleted.

You accept that we may keep any data you submit to the forum for however long we want. You also accept that we may present this information to future members, at our own discretion. This includes posts you make, files you upload, and profile information you submit. We will never make the data you submit to private subforums available to the general public without your consent, membership will always be required to view it. But please be careful about what you post.

You retain copyright to any content you upload, but grant us a non-exclusive license to keep and publish that content on the site according to these terms. Never post content made by someone else, unless you have their full permission to post it here. Link to it instead.

You agree to follow the community rules, and by signing up for an account you acknowledge you have read them. You also agree to follow Moldovan law, and the laws in your own country. Do never admit past crimes. We reserve the right to terminate your account or prevent you from accessing the site for any reason.

It is your responsibility to keep your account secure. If someone breaks into your account, it is not only your own security that is put at risk, but that of the whole community. Choose a strong and hard to guess password, and never share it with anyone. Four random and unrelated words are good. Only ever use the password when logging in to this site. We will never ask for your password through email or chat. If someone does, they are trying to trick you.

You have the right to be forgotten. If you want us to delete your account and all data you have submitted, including all posts you have made, please contact someone in staff and we will delete your account data. However, please bear in mind that doing so will be disruptive to the community at large, as your posts in threads will disappear making the threads read in strange ways, and any links to your content and activity will stop working.

We do not request any personally identifiable data, but if you do choose to submit it anyway, we will keep it until you delete it yourself or request us to delete it. We do not collect IP addresses. As always, we recommend you use Tor Browser or a trusted VPN to keep yourself safe, and that you pick a username that cannot be associated with your real life identity or non-MAP related accounts.

If you upload photos taken by your phone, be aware your phone may embed GPS coordinates for the exact location where the photo was taken. If you edit text documents, be aware your editor may save your full name as author in the invisible metadata. It is your responsibility to clean this up before uploading, or you may risk outing yourself. If in doubt, create all documents in Tails or Whonix, and use a metadata cleaner to remove Exif data from photos you have taken.

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